France’s exit from Africa opens door to Russian influence



A potential vacuum will be created by the exit of French soldiers from Niger at the end of this year, especially after the controversy over the departure of the French ambassador to Niger ended with Paris finally agreeing to schedule this exit
We put our questions to political analyst Al-Zein Mohiedin, who confirmed that France’s military withdrawal from Niger and before that from Mali and Burkina Faso undoubtedly leads to a great vacuum and thus increases the possibility of these countries entering the depths of international terrorism
Al-Zein enumerates these possibilities by saying that the French military bases in some African countries were like a safety valve for these countries from sliding into the chaos of terrorism, because of the military capabilities that France possesses that exceed those terrorist groups lurking in African security, in addition to the international influence that Paris possesses that can To take appropriate measures and arrangements to combat terrorism
Mohiedin adds that the coup took place in Niger during a period in which economic conditions improved. After President-elect Bazom succeeded in increasing the defense budget, army operations became more efficient and offensive… The analyst noted that Bazom succeeded in organizing and managing dialogues with some rebel and opposition groups
Al-Zein pointed out that France’s experience in combating international terrorism in the African countries is a long-standing experience and is based on continuous experience for decades, noting that its exit would create a great vacuum.
Al-Zein Mohieddin said that the events in the african countries lead to an imbalance in the security equation in this region, and open doors for Russian appetite for further expansion and exploitation of the Wagner groups and their collaborators to carry out more terrorist operations in this region. Al-Zein did not hide his fears of Russian ambitions in Africa